About Luxmode

Established in 2018 in Dorset, England, Luxmode is an innovative start-up business born after the two founders – Tom Redman and Jonny Townsend identified a significant gap in the event industry for easily transportable, high-end en-suite facilities for use at outdoor events. It was a true lightbulb moment and after a fair number of technical drawings, and an equal amount of prototype testing the product was launched, to a very discerning crowd in boutique glamping sites in summer 2018. Their hard work paid off – the product was warmly received by a crowd who had finally had the festival experience opened up to them. Couples, families, groups of friends now have the Luxmode product on their radar and feedback shows that a whole new cohort of festival goers has been born.

Riding on that confidence Tom and Jonny then thought ‘why stop here?’ and are now in the process of developing a suite of beautiful canvas Safari Tents for 2019 which work perfectly with, or without, their first born product. As well as amazing tents with en-suite facilities they also have a wide range of knowledge, and an extensive book of contacts, so if your need is greater than the core offering – they’ll be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.

If you are planning an event and you want to explore the options available to you then get in touch – they’d love to hear from you. Before you do this you might also want to check out their individual experience and credentials for complete peace of mind.

The accommodation will have a number of key features which will enhance the luxury outside living experience, such as beautiful lighting. Our new tents will feature dark interiors for a good nights’ sleep keeping the dawn out until our guests are good and ready to face the day. They will also have the option of a wood burner in case the great British summer lives up to expectations and of course they will include the option of an extravagant private bathroom area. The flexibility of our new design means that there are a number of accommodation arrangements allowing between 2 to 6 occupants, whilst maintaining the level of indulgence expected by our patrons.

We’re looking forward to showing you the prototype and the final products in due course, but for the meantime, take a look at the CAD designs which should give you a good idea of what we’re doing.

Meet the team

Jonny Townsend


After amassing an impressive range of skills in a mix of hospitality settings during his early career Jonny decided that event management was his true calling. The eclectic mix of working in exciting, fast-moving and sometimes challenging circumstances amongst familiar and new faces in a predominantly outdoor setting is where it’s at for Jonny. His most recent, and relevant, experience has been as Operations Director for The Pop-Up Hotel. During his time at Pop-up, Jonny recognised a need for the Luxmode product and conversations with Tom have led to the development of this market-leading product.

Tom Redman

Chief Engineer

Studied electrical and electronic engineering and then obtained a PhD from Cambridge (please don’t ask how long ago!) Anyway, this is somewhat irrelevant for Luxmode and glamping in general, in fact, Tom doesn’t really have any glamping credentials except being a good engineer. After an off-topic brain wave, he teamed up with Jonny, who has more event and glamping experience than you can shake a stick at, and we just ran with the Luxmode idea. You can be sure that everything has probably been over engineered … but that’s why all our products lead the market in luxury and sophistication.

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