Glastonbury Useful Links

Glastonbury Useful Links

Glastonbury is such a massive event that it is hard to know where to look for information about the weather, travel and lineup. So we thought we would share with you our favourite social and news channels to help you find the festival information you need:

The Official Glastonbury Website News page

It goes without saying the first place to look for updates is the official website. Next up of course is the weather forecast from the BBC. You don’t have to search as this will take you straight to the good news. 

BBC Weather forecast for Glastonbury Festival

This year the show has gone even greener and banned single use plastic. Official policy states: “All food service disposables/serve ware – including straws and hot drink lids – must be made from paper, card, wood or leaves and be fully compostable.”

Which Single use plastic can you use at Glastonbury Festival

There are thousands of social channels to follow so here are just a few that we think might make your weekend. 

Legend Kylie Minogue's Instagram

Lewis Capaldi Instgram

Official Festival Facebook Page

Welcome to Glastonbury and we hope you find these links helpful. Remember if you are looking for glamorous festival accomodation for your own event, wedding or birthday party then drop us a line. 

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